a n e w s e m e s t e r

As the second week of the Spring 2017 semester, and my second of college, comes to an end, I decided to make a post with my school goals for the semester. I believe, that if you document your goals, you’re more likely to go through with them; this is my documentation of my goals.

  1. P L A N 

I use my planner religiously and carry it with me wherever I go. It’s so used that you’d probably mistake is for a “wreck it” journal. I don’t really need to do any more planning that I already do, I just included this one to make sure that I don’t stop using this method.


Ahhhh.. so cliché; just don’t do it, please.


I’m only taking 12 hours this semester and don’t have a job, so I have no excuse not to be doing this one. I know that I could knock out so much homework  if I just dedicated a day, or a couple of hours, to being at the library. I’ve already taken a step in this, because I’ve reserved study rooms ahead of time to motivate me to go. Yay me!


If you’re reading this: DO THIS ONE IF ANY. Last semester I didn’t really make a huge effort to meet one-on-one with any of my professors, and I really regret that because they were all so great. I recently met up with one of my professors during his office hours to simply introduce myself and let him know that i’m looking forward to a semester in his class, let me point out that i’m not a fan of the subject and wasn’t being to honest about being excited, and it when very well. After introducing myself an letting him know that I wasn’t too great at the subject, he let me know that he would do his best to have me pass the class and that I could meet up with him anytime if I had any concerns. Coming next week, i’m going to meet up with all my professors and do the same thing!


Lastly, DRINK MORE WATER. There’s a million reasons for this one. Just drink your 8 glasses a day and smile often 🙂

Have a great semester,



As my time in FDOM is coming to an end, i’d like to take a moment and post this summary about my experience with blogging. I’d like to start off by saying how thankful I am for this class and it helping me to learn a lot about WordPress. It really reminded me just how much I wanted to pursue blogging and never went through with it. It’s been a great semester on here, and i’ve learned a lot of my weaknesses and strengths when it comes to blogging. I’ve also learned how terrible of a procrastinator I really am, considering I tend to do these right before they’re due. I’m not very good at keeping a blogging schedule, which is something that i’d like to work on to improve my blog. I plan to keep blogging in the future and put out some better and more original content. I’d like to grow my view count.

I found using social media to promote myself to be a very effective of my view count. My post What i’ve learned in 10 weeks of college has the most view count, because most of my Twitter followers are at the college level and could relate to the post. This showed me what kind of audience that i’m appealing to and what kind of content they like to see. I believe social media to be a great way to promote any blog, or anything, in order for it to get attention. Some tools that I found effective, while using WordPress: the link button, the image button, and my keyboard shortcuts. I didn’t really much of the other tools, so they weren’t very effective for me.

As I mentioned before, i’d like to continue blogging in the future. I think that blogging could benefit me in the future by it being something that I can send to a potential employer as an example of my work. Or I could help someone start up their blog if they need one for business/advertising purposes. For the career that i’d like to pursue, it’s very important to have a blog. I’m happy that i’m starting it now rather than later, because i’m learning now in order to have better content in the future.


  • Which was your most popular week, and how many views and visitors did you get that week? My most popular week was the week of October 31st through November 6th. I got 80 views and 64 visitors.
  • Which was your most popular post of the year? How many views did it get? Why do you think it was the most popular? My most popular post of the year  was my What i’ve learned in 10 weeks of college; it got 59 views. I think it was my most popular, because I posted it to my twitter account, and most of my twitter followers could relate to it. They then would retweet it and their followers would see it as well. I got a lot of feedback on it via Twitter!
  • In all of the Site Stats data, was anything surprising to you? None of my site stats really surprised me, as I tend to look at them regularly.
  • Do you have any Twitter, Facebook or other social media stats you want to share? No, I don’t.

An afternoon in my life..

After studying and long hours of doing homework, I decided that a day out sounded kind of nice. So I asked some friends if they wanted to come along on a day in Austin. My friends Kayla and Ben tagged along. We wanted to be spontaneous and do a lot, but it was a very rainy day, so that stopped us from doing a lot. I woke up late this day, so the day kinda ran short. But here’s so photos from an afternoon in my life:

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What I’ve Learned in 10 Weeks of College

This past Wednesday night I sat in bed with my math test review by my side, and a playlist of heartbreaking Taylor Swift songs on shuffle. It was about 3 a.m, and yes, I was trying to make myself cry. Not because i’m emotional, but because I knew none of the test material and I had to be up in 4 hours to get up, get to school, and take the test. Nothing sucks more than being a college student and knowing that you’re not doing so hot in a class, especially far into the semester. So, today I just wanted to talk about a couple of things that i’ve learned in my 10 weeks of college.


1. It’s okay to nap

Long nights of studying and having long days of classes really affect your sleep schedule. Often, us college students don’t, and can’t, get a full 8 hours of sleep. So naturally, it is okay to take short naps during the day to catch up on those lost hours. I’ve had nights where I sleep about 3 hours at night, and then take an 8 hour “nap” during the day, and that’s totally okay and normal. In fact, college students probably wouldn’t survive.

2. You’re not the only one

You’re not the only one who stays up all night, doesn’t know the material, and is struggling in their classes. This one really took me a while to understand. You look around and it seems like everyone has their stuff together, but in reality, everyone is struggling just as much as you are. Everyone has pulled an all nighter trying to cram in homework or studying. I think i’ve seen more people in the library at 2 a.m, than i’ve seen people on campus during the day. One of my favorite things is to hear that someone else is struggling in the same classes that I am; this brings me so much comfort.

3. Treat yourself

In college, we tend to get caught up in schoolwork, so it’s very important to treat yourself once in a while. What I like to do is, if I finish all of my homework, for the week, ill reward myself with sushi, or going out, on the weekend. So basically, having fun on the weekend is my reward for a long week.

4. Use your money wisely

This one is VERY important. It’s hard to manage your times wisely in college, and something a job can feel like too much to handle. Those of us who don’t have jobs rely on the money that our parents send us every once in a while, which usually isn’t much. Being a broke college student really does suck. I could probably write a whole book on how money management is really important in college, but for the sake of time, just know to use your money wisely!!!!

5. Don’t hesitate to say no

It’s okay to say no. I have a really big problem: FOMO (fear of missing out). This is a legit problem that has really had a negative impact on me. If someone asks me to go out, I don’t think twice before saying yes. I know that I have homework and that I should stay in, but fomo really gets the best of me.

6. Freshman 15 doesn’t have to happen to you

This one is really important. Many  freshman come into college thinking that they will gain the “freshman 15.” This doesn’t have to be the case. I have lost weight, if anything. Sometimes my busy schedule gets the best of me, and I forget to eat; this is one reason why “freshman 15” probably won’t happen. Also, if you’re motivated enough, you’ll find the rec to become one of your best friends. If you find an hour, every day, to dedicate to the rec, you can kiss those 15 pound rumors goodbye!!

7. You’re going to meet your best friend

Thanks to social media, I came into college knowing a pretty decent amount of people. However, I never imagines that one of those people would become my best friends so fast. Friendship isn’t measured based on time, and college friendships prove just that. I met my best friend in these few short week. No one has ever related to me so much, and no one has ever has a personality as close to mine as me.

8. Only skip class if you’re near death

Lastly, i’ve learned NOT TO SKIP CLASS. This is important especially toward the beginning of the semester. Attendance in college can be pretty strict, so don’t  use every single absence. You’ll regret it weeks later when you’re sick and don’t have anymore absences. attendance is also usually a grade or extra credit. So remember that the next time that you’re “too tired” to attend class.


See y’all in my next post,


13 Taylor Swift Bridges

With four #1 albums –5 albums total– and 10 Grammys, it’s safe to say that Taylor Swift is one of todays best artists. Within her five albums, Taylor has showcased her talent when it comes to songwriting. Personally, my favorite thing about Taylor’s songs, are her bridges. I like to refer to her as “the queen of bridges,” and you’ll see why in this post.  This past Monday, October 24th, marked 10 years since Taylor released her debut album, Taylor Swift; to celebrate, I decided to share a couple of my favorite bridges. In no particular order, here they are:

Photo credit to Wikipedia

1. Cold as you

You never did give a damn thing honey but I cried, cried for you
And I know you wouldn’t have told nobody if I died, died for you

This song comes from Tay’s first album, Taylor Swift. This album showcases the beginning of what Taylor is all about as a songwriter. Cold as you is one of the more slow-paced songs from the album; the bridge is short and gets a point across.

Photo credit to Wikipedia

2. Tell Me Why 

Why..do you have to make me feel small 
So you can feel whole inside 
Why..do you have to put down my dreams 
So you’re the only thing on my mind

This song is from Taylor’s second album, Fearlessin this album, the lyrics start to get a little deeper. The lyrics tell more in-depth stories than those from her previous album. This bridge, in particular, focuses on a how the guy doesn’t really care for the girl’s feeling.

3. You’re Not Sorry

You had me crying for you honey
And it never would’ve gone away, no
You used to shine so bright
But I watched all of it fade

This is one of the most heartbreaking tracks from Fearless. Honestly, I can’t even begin to describe how heartbreaking and emotional this one is.The bridge says it all.


4. Dear John

You are an expert at “Sorry”
And keeping lines blurry
Never impressed by me acing your tests
All the girls that you’ve run dry have tired lifeless eyes
Cause you’ve burned them out

But I took your matches
Before fire could catch me
So don’t look now
I’m shining like fireworks
Over your sad empty town

Fun Fact: Taylor wrote her third album, Speak Nowat age 19, on her own. Dear John is probably one of my favorite songs from this album. You can feel the emotion in this and it NEVER fails to get me a little teary eyed. Taylor really took a stab at her ex in this song. The bridge stand out, more than anything, when you listen to this song. The lyrics are so intense and vigorous; it’s hard not to love this one.


And I can see you years from now in a bar
Talking over a football game
With that same big loud opinion
But nobody’s listening
Washed up and ranting about the same old bitter things
Drunk and grumbling on about how I can’t sing
But all you are is mean

Mean is one of Taylor’s more sassy songs. Some people believe this to be a “bratty” song, but personally, I look at it as an empowering song. She really took a jab at the haters in the bridge, and the song in general. I think everyone can relate to this song in one way or another.  

6. Last Kiss 

So I’ll watch your life in pictures like I used to watch you sleep
And I feel you forget me like I used to feel you breathe
And I keep up with our old friends just to ask them how you are
Hope it’s nice where you are

And I hope the sun shines
And it’s a beautiful day
And something reminds you
You wish you had stayed
You can plan for a change in weather and time
But I never planned on you changing your mind

So yes, most of my favorite Taylor bridges are the more emotional ones. Thanks to Joe Jonas, and him breaking up with Taylor on July 9th at 1:58, we got yet another heartbreaking hit. Just take a second to listen to this one, please.

7. Back to December

I miss your tanned skin, your sweet smile,
So good to me, so right
And how you held me in your arms that September night
The first time you ever saw me cry.

Maybe this is wishful thinking,
Probably mindless dreaming,
But if we loved again, I swear I’d love you right.

I’d go back in time and change it but I can’t.
So if the chain is on your door I understand.

Ahhh, this takes me back to good ole 2010. Taylor wrote this about, ax boyfriend, Taylor Lautner. Another tear jerker and heartbreaking song. The bridge hits you right in the feels every time.

8. The Story of Us

This is looking like a contest,
Of who can act like they care less,
But I liked it better when you were on my side.
The battle’s in your hands now,
But I would lay my armor down
If you said you’d rather love than fight.
So many things that you wish I knew,
But the story of us might be ending soon.

I really like this one because she really comes to terms that things are about to end in a relationship. It’s not about hating the boy it’s about understanding where his standards were compared to her.

Photo credits to wikimedia.org

9. State of Grace

This is a state of grace
This is the worthwhile fight
Love is a ruthless game
Unless you play it good and right
These are the hands of fate
You’re my Achilles heel
This is the golden age of something good and right and real

Now, on to the RED album. This is my favorite T. Swift album by far, and it definitely didn’t get the recognition that it deserves. For me, this album has the best lyrics and tells better storys. With this album, Taylor hit a huge step and made it a little more of a “pop country” album, rather than her usual copy. Though it broke many records, Taylor didn’t really put it out there. Anyway, State of Grace is the first track on the album. It’s a pop tune and will definitely have you on your feet, and dancing. “This is the golden age of something good and right and real,” is my FAVORITE line; there’s  something so magical about this line.

10. All Too Well 

Well, maybe we got lost in translation, maybe I asked for too much,
But maybe this thing was a masterpiece ’til you tore it all up.
Running scared, I was there, I remember it all too well.

Hey, you call me up again just to break me like a promise.
So casually cruel in the name of being honest.
I’m a crumpled up piece of paper lying here
‘Cause I remember it all, all, all… too well.

Time won’t fly, it’s like I’m paralyzed by it
I’d like to be my old self again, but I’m still trying to find it
After plaid shirt days and nights when you made me your own
Now you mail back my things and I walk home alone

ATW is one of may favorite Taylor songs. Ill be honest and admit that this song makes me cry every single time that I listen to it. You can hear the emotion that went into writing this song. Taylor is know for telling stories through her songwriting, and this song is a perfect example of that. All Too Well started off as a 10- minute song and she narrowed it down to 5:29, sounds like a story to me. The middle of the bridge shatters your heart into a million pieces, because of the intensity of it. This is, in my opinion, one of Taylor’s best pieces of work and she definitely didn’t give it the credit that it deserves.

11. Stay Stay Stay

You took the time to memorize me:
My fears, my hopes, and dreams.
I just like hangin’ out with you all the time.
All those times that you didn’t leave;
It’s been occurring to me I’d like to hang out with you for my whole life.

StayX3 is another fun pop one. This song is about loving someone and basically the feeling of wanting to hangout with them all of the time. This cute little number really gets your shoulders swaying and bouncing; it’s a fun time! Ill be spontaneous and admit that the “I’d like to hang out with you for my whole life,”line is going to be one of my social media captions when, and if, I get married!

12. Treacherous

Two headlights shine through the sleepless night
And I will get you, and get you alone
Your name has echoed through my mind
And I just think you should, think you should know
That nothing safe is worth the drive and I would
Follow you, follow you home

“Nothing safe is worth the drive and I would / follow you, follow you home,” that’s all I’m going to point out about this song. Wait….check out this REALLY good acoustic version, as performed by the queen of bridges herself.

Photo credits to Wikimedia.org

13. Out of the Woods

Remember when you hit the brakes too soon?
Twenty stitches in the hospital room
When you started cryin’, baby, I did, too
But when the sun came up, I was lookin’ at you
Remember when we couldn’t take the heat
I walked out and said, “I’m settin’ you free,”
But the monsters turned out to be just trees
And when the sun came up, you were lookin’ at me
You were lookin’ at me
You were lookin’ at me,
I remember, oh, I remember

According to what swifts, Taylor Swift’s fan base, have concluded, this song is about Taylor’s ex brit lover, Harry Styles. Yes, the kid from One Direction. Maybe the lyrics aren’t very relatable, but they do tell a story about a moment with this boy. It’s also far different from any bridge that she has ever performed. If you listen to it, it’s kinda like a little rap bit, but now really.

Okay, so maybe my title is a little misleading. I HAD to use the number 13, since it’s Tay’s lucky number, so consider this last one a BONUS TRACK:

14. Wonderland 

I reached for you but you were gone
I knew I had to go back home
You search the world for something else to make you feel like what we had
And in the end in wonderland we both went mad.

To finish off, we have Wonderland; this song is a bonus track from 1989. I’m OBSESSED with the bonus tracks and this one is my favorite. It’s like it’s straight from an Alice in Wonderland soundtrack, hence, “and in the end in wonderland, we both went mad.” Good job Tay!!

I hope y’all enjoyed this, and maybe go take a listen!

See ya in my next post,


My top 10 favorite Youtubers

When i’m not doing homework, studying, or socializing, you will probably catch me in the middle of watching some sort of Youtube video. Youtube is the reason that I find myself staying up until 5 a.m. I start by watching whatever is in my subscription box, and then 5 hours later I find myself on the weird side of Youtube watching videos of a camel laughing, or something along those lines. I’m subscribed to 165 channels, and her are my top 10 favorites (in ABC order) :

1. Adelaine Morin

Photo credit: Getty Images

Adelaide is one of the most genuine youtubers out there. I’ve watched her for a long time and she always seems to stay true to her roots. She’s hilarious and always puts of good content. She’s such a kind person and isn’t afraid to put of a nice double chin shot!!

2. Aspyn Ovard

I talked about Aspyn two posts ago, so go check that out to see what I have to say about her!! She’s such a kind soul and always puts out good content. She also makes sure to put out a video every week, which is one of my favorite things about her!!! Her videos will make you feel like your watching a Pinterest board come to life.

3. Hayley Williams


Hayley has THE best DIY and life hack videos. They’re so unique and I would never in my right mind think of some of the things that she thinks up. Her videos are nicely edited and so bubbly. You’ll def not regret subscribing to her!!

4. Bunny Meyer (Grav3yardgirl)

Bunny was one of the first you tubers I watched. She puts out really unique content and isn’t afraid to be herself. She may come off as crazy at first but she is such a genuine person. She’ll make you convert to liking really weird stuff!! Go join the Swamp family!!

5. Jeanine Amapola

Jeanine is someone that I recently subscribed to (about a year ago). And i’m so obsessed with her. She is a strong woman full of faith. She has the best makeup looks and I always look forward to seeing what she puts out next!

6. Jeffree Star

Jeffrey Star is new to the youtube world, but came in strong and took the makeup/youtube world by storm!!! He puts out 2-3 videos a week and never repeats a makeup look. His videos are hilarious and ALWAYS a good time! Besides his great videos, he also has THE BEST cosmetic line, so definitely check that you!

7. Kandee Johnson

Kandee is a well known MUA (makeup artist). She does the CRAZIEST look, and they’re the good crazy. I can’t really explain how insanely talented she is, so you’ll jus have to see for yourself.

8. Meghan Hughes

Meghan is honestly probably one of my top 3. She has taught me to be a badass woman and the important of loving yourself. She is like the big sister that you can go to for anything and she’s definitely not afraid to talk about whatever you need answers for. If you need a little sunshine in your life, check her out!!

9. Rachel Levin (Rclbeauty101)

Rachel is SO unique. She has wonderful content and goes above and beyond in her videos. The girl has a WILD imagination. Like, Kandee, you’ll have to watch her videos to see what i’m talking about.

10. Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson has been on the youtube scene for quit a while now, and he never lets me down. If you want to see someone review foods, talk about conspiracy theories, and make a Taco Bell milkshake, Shane’s the guy to watch!


Thank yah for reading, and sorry about the lack of pictures. Please check out and subscribe to all of these wonderful people, you won’t regret it!! See you on my next post.






7 Fall Essentials

The “summer breeze” candles are being traded out for Pumpkin Spice scents. The colors have shifted from vibrant neons and rainbows, to warm, earthy tones. The leaves, and my motivation, are falling. The “cool in the morning, hot at night” weather is back. Yep, fall is here and is officially in full swing.

As I mentioned in my my last post, fall is my favorite season. I am excited to be sharing a few of my fall favorites, and essentials with y’all (you all, for my northerners). These things SCREAM fall to me and get me going for the season. I could write a whole series on fall essentials, but for the sake of not writing a whole series, I’m gonna get down to the nitty gritty. Also, I’ll be including a few links throughout this post in case you guys would like to check out a couple of these necessities!

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Blog Review

The summer of 7th grade year, I started my “I need to start wearing makeup” phase. So, like I do for everything, I turned to Youtube for help. I started binge watching tutorials, thus subscribing to and coming across many different Youtubers. One who immediately caught my attention was, then, beauty guru Apsyn Ovard. I’ve been watching her for about five years now, and since then she has switched to having a lifestyle channel. Her main channel and vlog channel, combined, have an impressive total of about 4.3 million + subscribers!! Aside from her channels, Aspyn is a blogger and online boutique owner.

Aspyn’s blog is one of my all time favorites. Her layout is perfect and she always has the best pictures. The fact that she’s a youtuber and has her online boutique make her blog different. Because of those things, the blog seems to have a little more going on and it’s frequently updated. Today I’m going to be reviewing her DIY and room makeover blog. In this she shares some pictures of her giving her room a “mini summer makeover,” and then goes on to explain exactly what she did to amp up her room. She then shows her readers a couple of DIYs that she made to add to her made over room.

Why I like this blog post:

This post is kinda what I hope my blog to, someday, look like. Her room decor/DIYs have the same color scheme going on, therefore making the pictures, and the layout, aesthetically pleasing. I also really like how Aspyn took the makeover as a opportunity to add in some DIYs. She killed two birds with one stone. Another thing that I enjoyed about her post, was the fact that she included a link to most of the items that she used. This makes it easy for the readers to easily access a product that she talks about, instead of them having to search for the item on their own.

Suggestions to the blogger:

In my opinion, Aspens blog is everything that a blog should be. So I suggest that she just keeps doing her thing, because it’s going great.


I hope you all enjoyed this review and head over to check out Aspens blog!! Also, make sure to check out her youtube channel, you won’t regret it. Talk to y’all next time.